DMBC Global has extensive knowledge and experience providing services in all aspects of the high volume, production Homebuilding industry, including organizational development, operations, master planning, construction, procurement, product development, logistics, supply chain, and anything else that may arise during the scope of your project.

Our professional services include:

Business Advisory Services

We work side-by-side with your management team and use our expertise to target issues and develop customized strategies, clear courses of action, and implementation plans to improve P&L and promote market growth.

Client Representation

We become an internal consultant and work on your company’s behalf on matters including, but not limited to, developing an overall project budget and pro-forma, coordinating with other construction management and consulting companies, and oversight of quality control.

Master Plan Community Development

We work with our clients to maximize land residuals, enhance return to investors, minimize risk and create a compelling brand, resulting in higher profit and great places to live.

Project Management

We are able to manage any and all phases of development depending upon your company’s needs, including consultant coordination; managing architects, engineers, and outside consulting firms; driving schedules; and advising on all matters related to your project.

Construction Management

We use our extensive experience to act as your in-house construction department to manage the project budget, schedule, and drive quality assurance to avoid delays and change order disputes.

Product Development, Architecture and Engineering Oversight

We partner with architects and engineers to develop product that has broad market appeal while minimizing cost through the optimization of construction methods.

Sales Force Training

We offer Sales Force Training focused on lead generation, sales tracking, option sales development, as well as, building a strong rapport with the home buyer to discover their needs and to promote after-sales service and referrals.

Construction Systems

We assist with manufacturing, design, factory setup, and implementation strategies, as well as, construction training and architecture / engineering oversight for light gauge steel design and construction. Learn more here.

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